Recent Before & After Photos

House fire Monpeiler, OH

This before photo shows a wall, door way and part of a closet that was affected by smoke damage. The entire area is covered with soot. It is important to remove... READ MORE

House fire Montpeiler, OH

This before picture shows a bathroom sink covered in soot from a fire. Soot gets everywhere during a house fire. While this picture is a basic area, soot can ge... READ MORE

Flooded building in Hamilton, IN

We had significant low temperatures this winter which caused for many frozen pipes. During this freeze event this building suffered some water damage. It is im... READ MORE

Mold in a Wolcottville, IN home

This lake house had a water damage that went unnoticed for awhile. With all the moisture, mold popped up everywhere. From walls, ceilings, framing and even subf... READ MORE

Mold on framing LaGrange, IN

This building in La Grange, IN had mold damage on some wood framing. An IEP (Indoor Environmental Professional) was called in to test the quality of air and wro... READ MORE

Mold on drywall and framing LaGrange, IN

The damage of mold can been seen in the before photo. Our crew removed paneling and this is what was underneath on the drywall. Mold can be hidden from the init... READ MORE

Storm damage Angola, IN

Frozen pipes on the upper level of a home can cause more damage than a main level pipe. The water has no where to go but down. In this photo you can see that it... READ MORE

Flooded house in Angola, IN

When winter storms hit and bring the freezing temps, it could spell disaster for some. Do not let that worry you. In these photos you see a water damage caused ... READ MORE

Flooded building in Angola, IN

These photos show before and after of a water damage at a business in Angola, IN. These disasters can be devastating to a company especially if they have to clo... READ MORE

Flooded building in Angola, IN

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Most people worry about their pipes breaking but not so much about ice maker lines. Which is sadly what happened here. The wat... READ MORE